Dream Avenue

Dream Avenue

ft. Pristinity, Zhander, Dylan Jones, Vokon, Electrify, sn.ow.y, Twizard, Selenite, console.frog

Wave has no confines in this amalgamation of retrowave, ambient, and futuristic synth soundscapes brought to you by 9 of AC's most talented minds.

May 23, 2021


ft. Mr. Mooo, Voltur, CLOME, tictactø, Vepium, Xicon, SpaghettiSauce

A fresh, experimental take on future bass brought to you by 7 creative minds in one of the hardest-hitting megacollaborations to date.

May 30, 2020


ft. Joel Garcia, The Osprey, Twizard, GreyOldTwit, Jelmø, Bastyon, Jax, paroxyzm, kheeshKP, NeXus

10 of the community's finest join together to bring you Euphoria, a lively summer-themed track to end the season with a bang.

September 30, 2019

Looking Back

ft. cuber, AzureOnyx, Ekstrak, Jelmø, Mr. Serpent, Viiitality, surf, sn.ow.y, SpaghettiSauce, console.frog

10 talented producers from the community join together to bring you "Looking Back", an atmospheric lo-fi beat tape comprised of multiple unique styles.

June 22, 2019


ft. Xlimator, Cornea, XN, Zephyr, The Osprey, JL Music

Six talented dubstep producers from the collective bring you a darker inspired, heavier track.

March 9, 2019

Interstate 5

ft. Azure Onyxscore, Hum4n01d, Arimyth, Mr. Serpent, console.frog, SpaghettiSauce, INDIR3CT, Glacial Viper

The West Coast members of the community present Interstate 5—a multi-genred 8 person megacollaboration.

February 10, 2019

Trick or Treating with the Spook Gang

ft. XN, Rager, JL Music, stereofield, FLB100, Glacial Viper, HYDRANS, Mr. Mooo, polarzero

In one of the largest AC collaborations yet... we present "Trick or Treating with the Spook Gang", a spooky track featuring 9 talented artists from the community.

October 31, 2018


ft. Viiitality, Andrew Adams, Bassment Chemists, E/E, Breezymode, Peløton

Back at it again with another community release, this time from the midwest crew!

October 13, 2018


ft. sn.ow.y, Polar, stereofield, Graye, Insolidarity, AnirudhKhanna, HELIXX, LimeZ

Straight from the community, AC presents the Coastal megacollab from community members off the East Coast.

August 13, 2018


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